Color Picker
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This widget is used to select a color, in hexadecimal #RRGGBB form. It uses a color "swatch" to display the standard 216-color web-safe palette. The user can then click on a color to select it.

This script is very simple to implement, and can add a lot of style to your page that requires color values!

Because of the size of the table, this color picker may be slow on lower-end machines. Consider your target users when deciding whether or not it operates fast enough.

It also requires AnchorPosition.js and PopupWindow.js.

Note: Why are form elements or <SELECT> boxes showing over top of the DIV-style colorpicker popup? It's not a bug in the javascript - it's a bug/feature of browsers. See this explanation by WebReference.

(View the source of this page to see how easily all this was done!!)

This popup uses a "window" popup. Use this
For browsers that don't support DHTML.
Color: Pick

This popup uses a DHTML "layer". It looks
nicer, but won't work in older browsers and
The color popup won't display over some form
elements in some browsers!
Color: Pick